Marijuana production not happening in Metchosin anytime soon

Narrow rejection vote takes issue off the table for now

Any possibility of a medical marihuana facility being built in Metchosin appears to have gone up in smoke – for now.

By a 3-2 margin Monday, Metchosin council rejected moving forward a proposal to amend a bylaw that would allow a medical marihuana facility on industrial land.

“The form and character of federal government parameters does not fit the rural community on agricultural land or anywhere else,” said Coun. Bob Gramigna, who proposed the motion.

He said Metchosin does not have a 250- to 300-acre industrial area that might make it a fit.

Gramigna took things a step further by filing a notice of intention with council to bring forward a different motion to prohibit medical marihuana facilities throughout Metchosin. He pointed to a public hearing May 26, where commentary was consistent and overwhelming against allowing such a facility at any of the three industrial-zoned lands in the rural community.

“It is just not appropriate for Metchosin and does not fit our rural character,” he said. “It is not a debate whether it is pro medical marijuana or not. It has nothing to do with that issue at all.”

The subsequent motion comes before council next month.

Gramigna, Coun. Larry Tremblay and Mayor John Ranns voted against going to a third reading. During the discussion, councillors Moralea Milne and Jo Mitchell, who voted in favour, voiced a preference to study the proposal further.

Because the public hearing was over, no new information could be heard by council and debate could only happen if there was an appetite to restart the entire process.

“I look forward to bringing the motion to the next council meeting and see where it goes from there,” Gramigna said.

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