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Miss Bodangles needs your help

Victoria Animal Control is raising money to pay for the surgery of a cat found with a broken leg.
Carley Colclough

Found in the maintenance room of an Esquimalt apartment building with a broken leg, Miss Bodangles the cat is in need of community support.

A maintenance worker found the small, black cat at an apartment on the 800-block of Craigflower Road on Jan. 30. Noticing the cat's dangling broken leg, the worker called Victoria Animal Control.

“I think it was hit by a car, saw an open door and ran into it, it happened to be a mechanical room for an apartment building, and it just hid and took refuge in there,” said Ian Fraser, senior animal control officer for Victoria Animal Control.

Miss Bodangles is roughly 18 months old.

“She was so skinny when she came here,” said Carley Colclough, kennel keeper at Victoria Animal Control. “She's already gained weight.”

Miss Bodangles' surgery is scheduled for today (Wednesday). Meanwhile, the cat has been on antibiotics and pain control medication.

Victoria Animal Control will pay for $1,000 of the $3,000 to $4,000 surgery with its an animal aid account, and it is reaching out to the public to help cover the remainder.

“We've put a request out to anyone and everyone who might be able to pass a few dollars on to help this cat out,” said Fraser.

Since Miss Bodangles was at the pound for over 96 hours, she became the property of the Township of Esquimalt, which means the pound can decide what to do with her.

“Our goal here is to get the surgery done, let the cat heal and get it spayed, and then adopt it to a new home,” said Fraser.

Victoria Animal Control has a spay and neuter fund that will cover the cost of spaying Miss Bodangles.

To donate to help fund Miss Bodangles' leg surgery, contact Victoria Animal Control, 564 David St., or contact Victoria Animal Crusaders at