Problem intersection in Esquimalt gets new traffic pattern

Corner of Esquimalt Road and Lampson Street has been changed.

Problem intersection in Esquimalt gets new traffic pattern

An intersection in Esquimalt which residents have raised concerns about regarding the number of close calls between drivers and cyclists has now been fixed.

The corner of Esquimalt Road and Lampson Street has long been a problem in the township. Most recently Esquimalt Coun. Meagan Brame’s husband Steve was cycling straight in the right-hand lane on Esquimalt Road when a black Dodge sped up by him and swiped him with the car’s mirror as he went by, knocking Steve to the ground.

While he was uninjured and got back up after the incident, Brame said a less experienced cyclist might not have been so lucky.

“It was more like somebody walked up and slapped him. But a slap on me or a slap on a child could have been very different,” she said.

Brame’s husband is not alone when it comes to close calls at that intersection. After she posted the incident on social media reminding the public to drive carefully, a number of residents came forward expressing concern with the intersection as well.

Currently, there are two lanes, one left hand turn lane, which also allows drivers to go straight. The right hand lane is a right turn and also a straight through.

Jeff Miller, director of engineering and public works with the township, said they have received some complains about the intersection, specifically regarding vehicle traffic.

“They (the public) felt it was an unsafe situation to have such a short distance for people to merge into,” Miller said, adding the intersection is one of the township’s busiest, especially during rush hour. “Esquimalt Road is a major east west corridor.”

The intersection has recently been changed so the right hand lane is a turning lane only, with the exception of buses and cyclists.

“It’s much clearer now,” Brame said of the new intersection.