Psychologist appeals decision that favours Victoria police chief

Mike Webster suspects conflict of interest in police oversight

Jamie Graham

Jamie Graham

The police psychologist who accused Victoria police Chief Jamie Graham of interfering with his business has appealed a ruling that indicates the chief did nothing wrong.

“I don’t have a great deal of faith in police oversight in B.C.,” said Mike Webster, a Denman Island-based police psychologist.

“Even though there is a small likelihood that a different result would come about, I thought it was such an important issue that I’d take a run at it and give it a try.”

Last April, Webster filed a complaint with the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner alleging Graham e-mailed two of his officers asking them to refrain from using the psychologist’s services.

Webster had earlier criticized VicPD for the way the department handled the aftermath of a YouTube video showing a police supervisor kicking a man outside a downtown nightclub.

Recently, an investigation by retired New Westminster police chief Lorne Zapotichny cleared Graham of wrongdoing.

Also, Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin, chair of the Victoria police board, found Graham had not acted inappropriately. That decision was sent to both the police complaint commissioner and to Webster.

The police complaint commissioner can agree or disagree with the decision and in the latter case, assign someone else as discipline authority.