Public speaks: cheaper garbage pick up is better

Survey of more than 4,000 Victoria residents suggests people want cheaper alternative

Victoria is one of few jurisdictions to offer backyard waste collection, but it’s a service not worth the cost according to a recent city survey.

Late last year, 4,316 Victoria residents completed a waste-collection survey. It pertained to both garbage and kitchen scrap collection, a new service to be introduced next year.

Of the three collection options presented, the cheapest came out the clear winner.

Just shy of half the respondents opted for curbside pickup and drop off of their garbage and kitchen scrap bins at an estimated cost of $161 per year. The other two options offered backyard bin pick up. They cost an extra $22 or an extra $68, depending on whether garbage and kitchen scraps are collected on the same or on alternating weeks.

Cost was the most frequently factor listed in the survey.

Tomorrow (Jan. 26) city council is scheduled to select one of the three collection options in light of the survey results.