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‘This bylaw is very lazy’: Decision delayed on Saanich leash rules

Council will resume pets and parks strategy discussion on Wednesday
Poster Saanich dog owner brought for council meeting on Monday, June 26 addressing the People, Pets and Parks Strategy. (Ella Matte/News Staff)

City hall in Saanich was overflowing with dog owners opposing stricter leash rules on Monday (June 26), as council was preparing to decide the fate of the proposed People, Pets and Parks Strategy.

The strategy has been a conversational topic for many Saanich residents and dog owners.

More than 40 people spoke to the council about the issue in a five-hour discussion that stretched past 11 p.m.

“I think the strategy should be abolished completely,” said dog owner Jerry Donaldson.

“This bylaw is very lazy,” said Mia Closki.

Lots of dog owners were worried about the harm the on-leash part of the strategy could cause them, especially if they have health concerns.

Leanne O’Brady is worried about what that means for her as she takes her dog up to the top of PKOLS. She has bad knees and uses a pole to get up the mountain.

“With a no-off-leash policy at PKOLS, it will be impossible to get up the mountain because I can’t hold my poles and a dog leash.”

Most of the people who spoke were against the strategy, but some were in favour.

“The one per cent of the out-of-control dog owners, even the minority, can be dangerous,” Sarah Clark said.

The council still has yet to make a decision on the strategy and the meeting will resume at 6 p.m. on Wednesday (June 28) evening.

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