The TV series Gracepoint began filming on Oak Bay Avenue this morning.

The TV series Gracepoint began filming on Oak Bay Avenue this morning.

TV series Gracepoint begins filming in Oak Bay

The TV series Gracepoint, a remake of the British series Broadchurch, featuring actors David Tennant and Nick Nolte began filmng in Oak Bay

Filming got underway Tuesday morning on Oak Bay Avenue for the new Fox TV series Gracepoint. The show, a remake of the British murder mystery Broadchurch, is providing a huge boost to the local movie and television industry. The new show is set in the United States.

The series will feature a number of prominent actors including David Tennant, veteran actor Nick Nolte, Anna Gunn, Jacki Weaver, Michael Pena, Kevin Rankin, Virginia Kull and Kevin Zegers. Tennant played the lead character, a detective, in the British show and will reprise his role, under a different name and as an American in this series. Filming is expected to take three months and will happen in various greater Victoria locations including Oak Bay, Sydney and Island View Beach.

The local regions will stand in for the fictional ¬†American town of Gracepoint. The main Oak Bay location where filming took place today is a former drugstore now converted into the offices of the Gracepoint Journal, a newspaper where two of the series’ main characters work. The former store now sports Journal window signs and is festooned with an American flag.

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