VicPD cut off dial-a-dope operation

Suspect on parole for bank robbery and out of prison for only two weeks: VicPD

  • Mar. 15, 2013 7:00 p.m.

Undercover VicPD officers broke up a dial-a-dope operation Wednesday, seizing about $1,000 cash, two grams of heroin and surprising one would-be customer with a stern warning.

VicPD’s focused enforcement team officers bought heroin off a 47-year-old Victoria man in the 2300-block of Douglas St. and confiscated his phone, acting on a tip.

The man was on parole for bank robbery and had only been out of prison for two weeks, said Bowen Osoko, VicPD spokesman.

“(The suspect’s cellphone) rang off the hook while (police) were searching him,” Sgt. Wade Murray said. “So eventually, we decided to answer it.”

Officers spoke with a Langford man on the other end of the line who asked for heroin.

“We told him to come on down,” Murray said.

Rande Brown faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking and trafficking in a controlled substance.

***Updated: The original version of this story stated the Langford man met with police officers.