Victoria police chief proposes new family violence law

Similar exists in the U.S.

Jamie Graham

Jamie Graham

Victoria’s police chief says the country needs a law that makes it illegal for someone to commit violence in front of a child.

Jamie Graham said a law, similar to some that exist in the U.S., would impose a criminal offence that could carry harsher sentences for people convicted of domestic violence, if that violence happens when a child is present.

“(Negative) impressions are made on children and I don’t think that’s right,” Graham said. “I think this is serious enough that this kind of behaviour should be criminalized.”

The violence could be physical, verbal, mental or otherwise.

Graham will bring his idea to a meeting of the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police later this month, then he Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police in August. From there it would have to be approved by the Department of Justice.