Victoria residents have embraced kitchen scraps recycling

Program continues to exceed targets for diversion from landfill

Victoria’s kitchen scraps program marked its one-year anniversary Feb. 4, having diverted more than 1,800 tonnes of food from city garbage bins.

Victoria’s average monthly diversion rate was 36.5 per cent, surpassing its 30-per-cent goal. In November, diversion rates reached 41 per cent, showing residents are adapting to the behavioural change, said Mayor Dean Fortin.

“Victoria residents have proudly embraced this sustainable program that treats kitchen scraps as a resource, not a waste product,” he said.

Starting in 2015, waste services providers will be fined at Hartland landfill if kitchen scraps are found in garbage drop-offs. Victoria and Oak Bay are already running municipal pick-up programs, while Saanich and Esquimalt will fully implement their kitchen scraps programs later this spring.

Greater Victoria’s only organic materials processor, Foundation Organics in Central Saanich, had its licence suspended last year after neighbours complained of foul odours and litter. Kitchen scraps are now trucked to Cobble Hill as the CRD looks for alternate providers.

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