Vigilante justice prompts bear spray threat

Couples track, confront suspects after cash stolen

A word to the wise: don’t take police work into your own hands.

Two male and female couples learned that lesson after attempting to recover stolen cash from another couple on Saturday.

The male and female suspects, both 34 and Victoria residents, allegedly took a small amount of cash from two women in Centennial Square.

The women opted not to call police, and instead met up with two men and together they confronted the suspects at a restaurant in the 1300-block of Douglas St.

When confronted, the suspects allegedly produced a can of bear spray.

Victoria police were then called, and arrested the man and woman, who are both known to police. They each face robbery charges.

The man was scheduled to appear in court Monday (Jan. 23), and the woman was released on a promise to appear in court on March 1.