A high cost to fix what isn’t broken

Price to turn Beacon Hill roads into paths isn't worth it to Victoria taxpayer

Re: Beacon Hill’s roads get the boot (News, Oct. 19)

I attended one of the informational meetings regarding the proposed changes to Beacon Hill Park, and maintain that this is a total waste of our money. I believe the amount they were talking about spending was in the $300,000 range, and now, your article says more than half a million. This is pure lunacy! The park is great just the way it is, with no problems with the roads in it.  Why are we spending this kind of money because somebody thinks this should be done?

One concern brought forward was the fact that people use the park as a shortcut and that people were speeding. A simple solution would be to raise the crosswalks.

I propose that this be looked at once again, with open eyes of those who know there is no problem with the roads running through the park.

A. Cooper