Action-based solution warranted on deer

With deer population numbers increasing, it would be irresponsible to pay the exorbitant cost UVic faced with rabbits

Re: Witness traumatized by shooting (News, Jan. 31)

Comments and observations were included from members of three listed, and supported, ‘animal rights’ organizations and, together with the SPCA, have chosen to become centre-most and critical towards the issue, and resolution, of deer control within Oak Bay.

It doesn’t surprise me that after making calls for assistance to an injured deer, to conservation, RCMP, veterinary, and finally the Oak Bay Police Department, that only one was available to respond;  unsatisfactorily, according to the specialized group spokesperson present.

If they expect better intervention, then they should consider financing it themselves and fundraising for this cause. They may like to suggest, with group support and funds, that the SPCA extend their licence to cull, or ‘put down,’  and retain the meat for kept animals; rather than to purchase commercial meat products. Or, to otherwise neuter male animals which is already a part of their daily shelter routine.

This is certainly not the work of police. With deer population numbers increasing, it would be irresponsible to have to face again the exorbitant cost the University of Victoria had to eventually face with rabbits.

On behalf of home owners, and the like, a solution with action, please – before it gets further out of hand.

Doug Miller

Oak Bay