Alcohol biggest problem for First Nations

Going back to dry reserves would be a good start for aboriginal populations

It is with great compassion for the many challenges my First Nations friends face that I express my deepest concern for the sake of children and women.

With firsthand observation and information, my greatest concern is the use of alcohol on reserves.

As long as elders continue to allow alcohol on reserves, they are contributors to the demise of Canada’s First Nations population.

We heard the cry of adults April 13 and 14 in Victoria regarding abuse, especially sexual, as part of the tragic history of residential schools.

Please, will someone listen to the cries of children and women who are being abused, raped and suffering aggressive incestuous abuse on the reserves this very day and night? Does anyone hear me?

Until this issue of alcohol within the Aboriginal population is addressed, we are solving and healing nothing. It’s all repetition of an old problem.

Lucy Lennox