B.C. Liberals need lesson in time management

Cancellation of legislature unnecessary, reader says

Re: B.C. Legislature sitting cancelled

The B.C. Liberals say their tax regime for the liquid natural gas industry isn’t yet ready and that they need more time to consult proponents of the related B.C. Prosperity Fund. Cancelling the fall session of the legislature for these reasons is deplorable.

Premier Christy Clark glosses over the situation when she says she won’t run a government by being “closed off in Victoria” to figure out what legislation is going to look like.

She neglects to mention that the majority of her 19 ministers who won’t be involved in LNG consultations  – surely, the ministers of Social Development and Social Innovation, and Education, needn’t be there – already have ample time between sessions to reach out to their constituents. The people who voted for Clark and those who didn’t expect the legislature to be used for thorough, insightful and productive debate of all issues important to British Columbians.

If Ms. Clark can’t handle the LNG topic and sit in the legislature, then either she and her government are pathetic at time management, or they are too scared to face the opposition, too weak to honestly account for their actions and incapable of participating in serious, effective democratic debate.

Paul Austin