Beacon Hill traffic closures given a thumbs up

Calming traffic in Victoria park makes for more peaceful setting

I am very pleased with the changes the City of Victoria parks department has made in Beacon Hill Park.

There are fewer cars chasing ducks and pedestrians now. I see seniors walking hand in hand without having to be cautious and children – whole school classes of them – enjoying this peaceful park setting.

Even the animals: squirrels, ducks, crows and peacocks, seem more trusting and relaxed. Most bicyclists are apparently taking care of pedestrians and animals and not racing through the park.

I think this is a very positive change that should be made permanent for the pleasure of all of us.

Cars that are driven into the park by people who want to enjoy the peaceful environment should be directed to the parking places provided, or the toilets and then guided out via the shortest way possible.

However, this jewel in our community should not be available as a short cut for those in a hurry.

Thank you, Victoria parks department.

Horst Hees