Bus stop not a guarantee

There was I thinking that “bus stop” meant just that

After my wife and I were ignored and left stranded at the bus stop alongside Fairways in Oak Bay as bus 2A sped down the middle of the road past us, I telephoned B.C. Transit to confirm that this bus stop is in fact still “valid.”

I spoke to a gentleman who confirmed he was the right person to contact about this incident and it seemed that having had my say, it was time to sign off.

But, oh no, my contact clearly felt he needed to put me straight on a few things, namely that simply standing at a bus stop is no guarantee that the next one will halt for you.

As I understand it, aspiring passengers now need to stand at the edge of the curb and wave at the bus driver as he and his vehicle approach. Arms, legs, shopping bags – anything will do so long as you make certain that you are seen.

If not, then it means walkies or waiting for the next one.

And there was I thinking that “bus stop” meant just that – without the need for calisthenics.

Derrick Johns

Oak Bay