Buying food from China not the healthiest idea

Details on the back of packages helps shoppers make better choices

Why do the big stores buy food from China? Because it’s cheap, obviously.

I discovered today that High Liner brand seafood products are processed in China. The fish could be Canadian, but the processing, the adding of the batter, is done in China.

We all want to know why cancer is on the rise, when so many billions are being given to find a cure. When Chinese mothers won’t buy the baby food made in China, that should give us a hint that something is wrong. Too many little children are dying of cancer.

It has to be the food they eat, or drugs that have remained in the family genes over the years. Having a good environment will not help us, if we continue to buy from countries that still use pesticides or unclean processing procedures.

Eileen Nattrass

Central Saanich