Cameras invade privacy, lack proof

Re: Red light cameras: A few pros and cons for drivers to consider (InMotion, Jan. 21)

I agree red light cameras may cause accidents, but for a different reason. The flash of these cameras are very bright and could startle drivers to distraction.

I appreciate the various articles in the InMotion section and for the most part the information is spot on. However, I fear that those who would benefit most by the articles are not reading them.

Perhaps the ideal solution to this topic would be to extend the duration of the yellow light and, even better, program the light to blink progressively faster until it changes to red, so drivers will be better able to gauge their ability to stop or proceed with caution.

One more thing – and perhaps it may make an interesting followup article – is how do the cameras determine when to capture a vehicle’s transgression of the law? How are drivers supposed to dispute a fine? How can a driver argue that perhaps they couldn’t stop in time and prove it?

Red light cameras smack of Big Brother, and I for one don’t like having an arbitrary automated cop abusing my rights.

Bennett Guinn