Canadian Diabetes Association upholds donors trust

We would like to thank the Victoria News for the article Pre-diabetic athlete an unlikely marathoner

We would like to thank the Victoria News for the article Pre-diabetic athlete an unlikely marathoner (Jan. 18) which featured Karen Taylor, one of our many dedicated Team Diabetes participants and fundraisers going to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Team Diabetes is the national activity fundraising program for the Canadian Diabetes Association that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Like Ms. Taylor, people of all fitness levels and from all walks of life train to walk, run, hike or cycle in exciting destinations.

The article stated that Team Diabetes involves fundraising an amount of money the Canadian Diabetes Association wishes not to publicize. We would like to clarify that the fundraising requirements vary depending upon the destination. The fundraising requirement for the Reykjavik marathon specifically is $6,100.

Team Diabetes provides team members with online fundraising tools and support to help them reach this achievable goal.

Team Diabetes maximizes the use of every donor dollar received and continually looks for additional efficiencies within the program. Approximately 69 per cent of funds raised by Team Diabetes participants for the Canadian Diabetes Association are used directly for activities such as research, advocacy, education and services. We have corporate sponsors and partners which help offset our operating costs.

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Rebecca Taylor Manager, Community Giving

Canadian Diabetes Association