Capital Regional District chair should resign

Esquimalt councillor says sewage treatment fiasco should prompt Bryson to leave post

The Capital Regional District leadership is in crisis. A real estate purchase that wasted $17 million of our hard-earned tax dollars is just the last disgrace in the ongoing CRD sewage fiasco.

The established protocol in British Columbia is that leaders are accountable for their major screw-ups by way of resignation:

Fantasy Gardens: Bill Vander Zalm resigns.

Bingo-gate: Mike Harcourt resigns.

Fast Ferries: Glen Clark resigns.

HST: Gordon Campbell resigns.

CRD Sewage Fiasco: CRD Chair Alastair Bryson’s response to calls for Denise Blackwell’s resignation is that he has “full confidence in the role and position she is serving in for the CRD and that I will not be asking for her resignation.”

Perhaps it’s Bryson who should be resigning. In B.C. that is the only means by which public trust can be restored.

Tim Morrison

Councillor, Township of Esquimalt