Certain dogs are bred for aggression

Calling pitbulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans loving breeds doesn't make sense

As inevitably as the night follows the day, every time a pit bull, rottweiler or Doberman maims or kills some innocent citizen, a cadre of apologists besiege the media with the same monotonous mantra that they are in fact loving, loyal and benign pets who have been unjustly branded as being dangerous to society.

Is the penny ever going to drop for these reality-challenged people?

Pit bulls are a strain of Staffordshire terrier bred over many generations with the specific intent of rendering them as aggressive as possible so that they might participate in “pit fights” (hence the name), the outcomes of which large sums of money were wagered.

Similarly, Dobermans were bred to hunt down and kill prisoners attempting to escape from German jails.

The same tedious argument is inevitably advanced; “it’s not the dog which is at fault, but rather its unsophisticated owner.”

Fine, I’ll accept that. I propose that the offending animal be placed in a secure and humane facility where it might live out its days, and that its owner be put down.

John Simpson

Oak Bay