Climate conundrum

We have actually not had any global warming for 15 years

In response to Ms. Rasnick’s letter Continue to learn (PNR, Nov 6), it should be pointed out the question of global warming is governed by two different schools. One is scientific, based on real scientific evidence; the other is political, based on peoples’ perceptions of the state of the atmosphere and what other people will believe.

Since 1979, the temperature of the world is measured twice daily by satellites. During the past 15 years these satellites have shown the earth’s temperature has not changed, so we have actually had no global warming for 15 years. No-one has offered any satisfactory explanation for this lack of warming.

To counter this conundrum, the political school, as represented by Mr. Obama’s position that catastrophic climate change is almost upon us, says a consensus of a vast majority of scientists supports his view. Since Mr. Obama supports catastrophic climate change, it does not matter what other options there may be, the U.S.A. will be fully engaged in reducing the carbon footprint.

Fred Langford