Clive Drive problem is TOO BIG

I don’t like the Clive Drive proposal

I don’t like the Clive Drive proposal. Here’s why.

1) It’s TOO BIG.

2) It’s still TOO BIG, even after amendments.

3) It’s still TOO BIG, even after further amendments.

4) Because all these proposals are TOO BIG, they contravene the existing bylaws and regulations.

5) Father Jimmy Duncan and daughter Nicole Roberts, the principals of JN Developers, spent a lot of money and without recognizable rezoning conditions, to buy the property.

6) Over a year ago on JN’s initial application for redevelopment, the municipal administrators told JN their project was TOO BIG.

7) Council seems heedless of both intended and unintended consequences from this type of decision.

With these approaches that ignore and disrespect the work and wisdom of earlier councils and jump the gun on the reviews of the community plan, why don’t developers just do projects Texas-style?

From this, if you think Clive Drive is TOO BIG, just wait for the pachyderm proposals that will come rumbling and bumbling along Oak Bay Avenue over the next several years.

And you think the deer are TOO BIG a problem!

Charles Douglas Sauer

Oak Bay


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