Columnist’s climate views belie science

Tom Fletcher fails to include comment about p.r. campaigns waged by oil and gas industry

Re: Science loses ground to superstition (B.C. Views, Oct. 2)

In this disjointed editorial, Tom Fletcher managed to contradict his claim of objectivity about climate change science, display his ignorance of the scientific process and mount a spirited defence of the beleaguered oil and gas industry and downtrodden multinational corporations.

Climate change science deals with large and very complex systems. Mr. Fletcher has a problem with the ‘shifting theories’ behind the models, but that’s what science is all about. Models and hypotheses change as more is learned. The fact most of the models point in the same direction should raise a flag, but Fletcher will continue to doubt, even as the waters from the melting polar ice caps raises around his neck.

He rails on about supposed misinformation given by David Suzuki and allegedly perpetrated by the CBC and the nefarious tactics of “U.S.-financed environmental groups that obsessively target Canadian petroleum.” Yet, not a word from the objective Fletcher about the billions spent by oil and gas and multinational corporations on carefully orchestrated campaigns designed to at least mislead. He got the lesson to be drawn from Galileo backwards. Climate change scientists are the Galileos of our age. The oil industry and its allies are the deniers.

John R. Paterson