Columnists’ statements not unfounded

Both Tom Fletcher and David Suzuki research their statements

The writers of recent letters disparaging David Suzuki or Tom Fletcher need to recognize that both men are well researched and accountable for their facts.

Having been a resource scientist for more than three decades in both public and private service, I can vouch that Fletcher’s positions are developed from accurate established information.

Dr. Suzuki’s positions are not based on his own studies, but ghost written and supplied by his researchers.

Both are able spokesmen for their own views – that’s what makes them interesting and controversial.

Suzuki’s demands for a return to a pre-industrial world are unrealistic, given our need for heat, food, heath, education and security. Fletcher advocates for controls on spending and a stable economic base in B.C., to at least maintain our current living standards let alone improve them.

While it may seem virtuous to tilt against pipelines, dams, forestry, mining, etc., it is worth noting that they allow our quality of living.

Anyone who has recently tried to find a family doctor, taken a ferry, or bought food on our insulated little Island should think about how that will improve by eliminating the sources that pay for them.

Nicholas Wemyss

Oak Bay

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