Confusing spider web

My family calls the McTavish Interchange ‘the Spider Web’ and we try to avoid using the very confusing and dangerous maze

I completely agree with everything in the letter to the editor by H.U.P. Edwards in your May 29 Peninsula News Review. Specifically, the comment about the McTavish Interchange, was right on!

My family calls that monstrosity ‘the Spider Web’ and we try to avoid using that very confusing and dangerous maze, if at all possible.

We live close to East Saanich Road and when heading to Sidney or the ferry terminal, we now continue driving on East Saanich Road across McTavish, through that Roundabout past there, to Canora, Sterling Way to the Highway and Beacon.

We often get out of town visitors and needless to say, they all comment on this McTavish interchange — and some of them have told us, that this interchange “thing’ is something out of a science fiction or horror movie.”

Our daughter, who grew up in Sidney and now lives with her husband outside of Los Angeles, comes here to visit us quite often and have said to us that the “thing” should be used in a comedy film!

Other visitors, Canadian and American, told us they’ve never seen anything like that, not even with all the many highways and traffic in the Los Angeles area.

Walter Sartisohn

North Saanich