Consumers need choice to not purchase CFL bulbs

Re: Danger of CFL bulbs ignored by authorities (Letters, Feb. 9)

I agree with M. Blainey’s letter. We are being forced to switch to CFL bulbs, just to save some energy but at the same time we will be destroying the environment. Did someone ask us if we wanted to use light bulbs with mercury in them? Are we going to quietly accept this from the powers that be?

I paid $1.50 to properly dispose of one fluorescent bulb. I suggest we all write our MPs and let them know we don’t want to switch to these mercury filled bulbs, not to mention that fact that it’s another added cost to the taxpayer to properly dispose of the CFL bulbs. There will be a certain percentage of families that won’t dispose of the bulbs properly due to the cost or plain apathy, so it’s dumped in the garbage.

The light bulbs we now use should always be available for those of us who choose not to use CFL bulbs.

D. Masso