Corporate interests overpower B.C.’s green initiatives

Government's values and beliefs going 'down the drain'

Re: Goodbye greenhouse gas goals (B.C. Views, June 13)

Columnist Tom Fletcher identifies another B.C. Liberal promise as going ‘down the drain.’ Premier Christy Clark has shelved former premier Campbell’s greenhouse gas reduction targets of 33 per cent by 2020 and 80 per cent by 2050.

Now corporate gas interests can easily ignore all of the B.C. government’s gestures of greenhouse gas control and simply do what they want to do to realize the most profit for their investors. How? By making liquid natural gas and exporting it to Asia.

Again, corporate interests are allowed and encouraged to set the agenda in B.C.

Any thought of environmental responsibility is jettisoned by Premier Clark and company. What a tragic commentary on this provincial government’s values and beliefs.

Dale Perkins