Cost cutting doesn’t equal lower taxes

Re: Cutting emissions, cutting costs (News, Nov. 27)

Re: Cutting emissions, cutting costs (News, Nov. 27)

In the article, you state there was a one-per-cent reduction in power costs. How much did that cost the taxpayer to achieve, as “cutting costs” does not equate to cutting taxes.

My big concern here is that the one per cent saving may be $12,000 but to save that we are on the hook for $250,000. The politicos have no idea how to reduce spending, they just dig deeper into the taxpayer pockets.

Just today, the leaf vacuuming truck went down our street doing the homeowner’s job for them. At what cost? The expense of the truck, which could be doing other work, and three public-sector union employees, when they could be doing a job that means something.

Smaller government. Do you get it? Reduced costs. Reduced taxes. Simple.

Jim Anderson