Council needs to cut the fat

Victoria city council has lost its way, writes Dave Mason

In the last Victoria municipal election, I voted for some of the newcomers in the hopes there would be some sensibility brought to council meetings and that common sense would prevail when spending the public’s hard-earned tax dollars.

I was wrong.

City council has lost its way.

Councillors have no concept of how to generate income or how to spend money frugally. They might want to talk to some of the elderly who survived the Great Depression.

It was a simple plan that any person of intelligence could understand: either you had money saved to purchase an item or you did without.

During this time of economic collapse, council needs to cut the salaries of senior staff, stop paying wage increases, stop spending money on Beacon Hill Park traffic control, backbench the notion of bicycle infrastructure and begin taxing private schools and churches.

City council needs to stop all frivolous spending and concentrate only on the core responsibilities it is mandated to do.

Dave Mason, Victoria