Councillor clarifies Pandora Green comments

Re: Council earmarks $510,000 for Pandora Green upgrades (News, March 23)

I wish to make it clear that I’m very pleased that the city will finally be going ahead with long-promised improvements on Pandora Green, particularly the proposed pedestrian plaza in front of the Victoria Conservatory of Music.

During council’s discussion on these improvements, I questioned whether some of the funding proposed for some aspects of the project (such as lighting a pedestrian pathway) might not be better spent supporting the breakfast program at Our Place.

Unfortunately Wednesday’s article made it sound as if I was suggesting council re-direct all of the funds committed to Pandora Green to Our Place, which was simply not the case.

As I stated during the meeting, we need to take a holistic view of this neighbourhood. Personally, I think that means making necessary improvements to Pandora Green and the area in front of the conservatory in order to create a more pleasant and lively space for residents as well as increasing basic services and hours of operation for the street community that depends on Our Place.

Philippe Lucas

city councillor