Councillors must interject in sewage plant discussion

Esquimalt resident put off by apparent lack of action to halt plans

On nicer weekends one can see sailboats traversing a few hundred metres off the Esquimalt shores. But on a foul-smelling day, will the sailboats stay away?

In September 2011 we moved from Vancouver to Esquimalt.

On one of the first few days at our new home I was doing some work in the front yard and Tim Morrison happened to walk by. I had no idea who Tim was, but after introductions he brought up the point that he was working to stop the sewage treatment plans from proceeding. I had no idea what he was talking about, but it soon became clear that there was a cloud forming above our new home.

At present, I am amazed at the complicity of Esquimalt council, which can choose not to rezone the treatment plant lands yet the project marches on.

The buck stops with the elected officials. Where have you gone?

Flynn Brown