Council’s weakness a head-scratcher

Staffers should answer to councillors, not vice-versa

Re: Council requests more oversight in bridge building (News, Sept. 28)

This story about the Johnson Street bridge project tells a bizarre tale, suggesting that council has little authority over the bridge team.

I thought that the bridge is in Victoria, on a street for which Victoria is responsible. I thought that the bridge replacement was initiated and authorized by council. Doesn’t council employ the team? Something’s missing.

This appears to go with a recent article saying that Victoria council had to pass a motion requiring staff to advise council of every report they’ve received. Then backtracking somewhat due to volume.

Isn’t reality that staff, including the bridge team, work for council, thus council has full authority to direct their work and get reports from them? Yes, council could try to micro-manage and engage in other bad practices, but I think they have the legal right to do so.

What’s going on?

Keith Sketchley