CRD off-leash rule ‘nonesense’

CRD off-leash rule ‘nonesense’

Re: CRD tightens leash on dog walkers in Sooke parks (News, June 20)

The CRD bans dogs off leash in local parks and the entirety of the Galloping Goose trail after complaints from the public.

So did these politicians seek other input before making this heavy-handed decision that impacts so many locals? I never saw any opportunity to share my views. A CRD rep may come after the fact to explain this oversight to us?

I’ve walked my dog on the Goose for nearly a decade off leash, always ready with a leash in hand without a problem. That is except for a minority of speeding cyclists who think they’re in the Tour De France.

How can a public body like the CRD make this decision without input from major stakeholders like people who own larger dogs and have counted on this amenity? The CRD needs to get off its butt and do its homework before coming down with nonsense like this.

Ted Roberts