Cumulative expense will overload city taxpayers

From garbage to water to sewage, there's only so much a taxpayer can handle

Re: Victoria braces for the big flush (Our View, July 18)

It is no secret that the cost of sewage is going to increase by a significant amount in the near future. Perhaps it is more of a secret, or certainly lack of awareness, just how much water, garbage and sewage costs have increased in recent years.

My personal bills from the city show alarming increases, even before the proposed new system. I feel very uneasy that no one person or group in our local government has even a reasonable idea of the cumulative cost of sewage, the bridge and other major capital expenditure projects on the horizon, and that we will find out after the money has been spent.

The resulting taxes and fees will make Victoria too expensive for residents and businesses. Any movement from Victoria to less expensive jurisdictions in outlying areas will only exacerbate the problem.

James McMillan