Deer committee work valuable to reader

Reader looks forward to findings from CRD citizen's advisory council

Re: Man is nature’s guest, (Letters, March 30)

The writer questions why we should be concerned because “a deer walks through our backyard.”

The fact is that the number of deer in urban areas is increasing; nature is not in balance. Sooner or later we will need a plan to manage the population.

I am glad that a committee established by the Capital Regional District is gathering facts about this matter.

This will hopefully bring some objectivity to the decision-making process.

As citizens we need to have all the facts at hand. If we want to eat locally grown food, we must consider the impact of present numbers of deer on agriculture.

I hope we will keep well-informed by hearing the findings of the committee on urban deer.

Janice Drent


Editor’s note: The CRD’s deer management Citizen’s Advisory Council meets tonight (May 9) at 5:45 in Rm. 107, 625 Fisgard St.