Deer incidents are deadly

I see another deer has been injured

Re: One deer to many (News May 1)

I see another deer has been injured and either maimed for the rest of its life or condemned to a slow lingering death as a cripple.

When will our elected local government exercise its responsibility and deal with the issue of too many urban deer? Their response has turned out to be no response at all. The decision to turn the matter over to a committee was a pure abdication of responsibility because a small, but very vocal minority, run the issue.

As a result the problem is still with us and growing worse. I like to see the occasional deer, but there is simply too many in an urban setting.  I for one am unhappy. The status quo is being ignored by the deer and as a result more and more of these encounters will occur with the poor deer almost always being the loser.

Ed Walker

Oak Bay