Dog owners are derelict in clean-up duties

Moss Street in Victoria is a minefield of doggie doo

Kudos to Moss Street to adding yet another accolade to their name.

Host of the Moss Street Paint-In, namesake of the Moss Street Market and now holder of the title of Most Disgusting Street in Victoria.

Now, I can’t speak for the entire length of Moss Street, but the area between May Street and Sir James Douglas Elementary at Fairfield Road, which I walk my two kids up to every day, is a minefield of feces. And I am not only referring to the boulevard, I’m referring to the sidewalk.

You may protest and ask, “That entire stretch is covered with poop?” It is. Walks to and from school are no longer filled with chatter about what happened on the playground that day, they’ve been replaced by poop warnings and our new, un-fun game of dodge the feces.

There are many excuses why it’s like this: ‘It’s not my dog,’ ‘I’m just a renter,’ ‘It’s only one (or more) bad owner.’ The result is the same.

Aside from the obvious (and oft-repeated) suggestion that owners pick up after their dogs, maybe it’s time for the residents of Moss Street to have a little pride in their neighbourhood and clean up their street.

Lindsey Niedjalski