‘Doggy bags’ don’t easily disappear

Re: Reasoning behind park ‘doggy bags’ (Letters, April 3)

Re: Reasoning behind park ‘doggy bags’ (Letters, April 3)

John Castello paints a rosy picture. The doggy bags usually don’t usually disintegrate but stay around for a long time.

I have picked up some left behind, I posted a plea on a fence where bags were dropped daily – with a short-term result.

After a while someone left a bag right underneath the poster, feeling strong – I guess. And now it’s back to lots of them in the bushes. Yes, they are noticeable, don’t kid yourself.

If one does not consider taking the bag home or depositing it in the next trash can, don’t have a dog or only let them out in your own backyard.

One takes on a responsibility together with our four legged friends. I have a small dog but I pick  up even in rough areas. Children play and it is a nasty thing to step into it.

Most dog owners are responsible but even dog owners with big dogs, resulting in big heaps, don’t care. How can one pick up if the owner has the dog running beside the bike or letting it out of the yard to roam in the neighbourhood?

This is a pet peeve of mine – no pun intended.

Karin Hertel