Don’t kill deer to save roses

Deer habitat is being destroyed all over the Island

I urge Oak Bay mayor and council not to support a deer cull.

The current government of British Columbia has been negligent in not abiding by the 1992 Caracas Declaration, which was adopted by the B.C. government of the day.

Under this declaration, there was a call to move away from logging old growth, to not  permit incompatible development adjacent to parks and to provide conservation corridors for wildlife.

Deer habitat is being destroyed all over the Island. Everywhere forests are being destroyed through clear cutting and through urban sprawl. Humans have intruded into their ecosystem, and deer are being blamed for seeking new habitats.

There are numerous solutions for protecting property from deer. Oak Bay council should  encourage those who are concerned to use these solutions which will result in Oak Bay being an ecosystem where humans and deer can coexist.

Otherwise Oak Bay will become infamous for culling deer to save the roses.

Yesterday I saw a mother deer and her fawn wandering in the gardens on St. Patrick Street. They were beautiful. I sensed for a moment that we are living in a very special ecosystem.

Joan Russow

Oak Bay