Drivers and pedestrians need to think alike

I like to think I am a considerate pedestrian.

I consider myself to be a considerate driver.

I don’t often block a side road entrance (unless by accident). I allow others into traffic if it doesn’t cause too much consternation for those behind. I don’t honk my horn if frustrated by some other driver’s unconscious or rude behavior. And, I am patient with pedestrians – whom I realize have the right of way.

I also like to think I am a considerate pedestrian.

If there are one or a few vehicles approaching the (uncontrolled) crosswalk I want to cross, I wave them on making eye contact with the driver(s).

There is no need to bring a few tons of metal to an abrupt stop just so I don’t have to wait a few more seconds at the side of the road.

If traffic is paused for someone in front of me, thankfully, I am still young enough to pick up my pace and try to cross in the same time as the person before me.

Sometimes waiting for a small group to form and cross is better for everyone.

However, there is one thing I think all pedestrians should do, which is not a requirement by our law. When walking along a sidewalk, pedestrians at the street corner often continue without pause through the crosswalk. In slow traffic this person can  fall behind a drivers’ blind spot e.g. the door frame or windshield frame of the car.

Safe practice would be to always come to a pause and look both ways to ensure drivers and bicyclists can see you. Please.

Mark Ambery

Oak Bay