Drug charge accused should be in jail

Community members right be concerned with release of suspected high-level dealers

Re: Media photo-op just not enough (Our View, June 19)

I fully agree with your editorial comment on the arrest of ‘top-level’ suspected drug traffickers.

This should have been an ‘incarceration arrest’ – with the men detained in jail. It would appear there were sufficient grounds to arrest in this case. Given the supposed reputation of these two suspects, the laying of one serious, indictable offence charge would have been enough to hold them in custody.

People have a right to apply for bail. A defence lawyer and Crown Counsel argue the merits of that before a judge to determine whether or not bail should be granted, and under what conditions. If the police wish to continue their investigation, they can certainly do so, then apply to the Crown (prosecutor) to lay further charges. I think people in the community are right to be concerned in this case.

John C. Smith