EDITORIAL: Sidney is doing its part

Sidney is taking a stab at seriously reducing its carbon footprint

Sidney is taking a stab at seriously reducing its carbon footprint.

Its purchase of five electric vehicle charging stations is great news for the growing consumer base of battery-powered cars and trucks. Technology is taking leaps and bounds in this industry, as more and more vehicle manufacturers are offering electric and hybrid options.

All they need to keep going is charging stations. Without them, the electric vehicle movement could suffer a fate experienced by the so-called hydrogen highway — a concept of hydrogen-powered vehicles using fuelling stations up and down the west coast of North America.

That plan didn’t really come to pass.

Sidney is taking the lead in ensuring electric vehicles don’t follow that same path.

The five stations they officially unveiled last week could soon be joined by up to a half-dozen more at the Mary Winspear Centre. As well, the  Best Western Plus Emerald Isle hotel and Smitty’s restaurant have added one of their own. Sidney just might have the most charging stations for a community of its size right now.

And why not?

Located at the terminus of two ferry runs (Swartz Bay and the Anacortes Ferry), Sidney is a great spot for electric vehicle owners to stop and charge up before they head into Victoria or up-Island.

The town itself has purchased an electric car and plans to do so as its existing vehicle fleet reaches its replacement age. Over the intervening years, the technology is sure to advance and perhaps one day the town will also be able to replace its heavy equipment with electric counterparts.

Other initiatives that can help reduce the town’s impact on the environment include its new roundabout at Fifth Street and Ocean Avenue. Fewer cars sitting at stop signs at the idle means less emissions.

As global carbon dioxide levels remain a concern to the environment, Sidney is well on its way to doing its part.