Energy has become a different crisis

Why spend so much time investigating oil when hydrogen is still the better choice, reader writes

Re: Many benefits to Kitimat proposal (Column, April 5)

I understand David Black’s zeal in making this project happen. He must be pleased to have a proponent like Jim Shepard, the old oil man, to grease the wheels toward public support and opinion. But really, where is the editorial on the other option, no oil or gas export at all?

Canada has been on the leading edge on new-world technologies and space-age developments and had scientists who went off into other parts of this planet to make good.

Why must Canada now become a resource leader in providing that crude black stuff or its cracked-up derivative,  contributing internationally as one of the absolute sources of that other gas that is causing global warming? Hasn’t anyone contributed an honest effort in promoting the other energy solution: hydrogen? In the name of national interest, have our politicians and lobbyists just buried the info when they get it?

No enterprising journalist has to look far to find it. Just ask soldiers returning from a tour of duty in the hot eastern deserts. They’ll tell you about the Hummer vehicles being recalled, then returning with hydrogen carburetors installed.

Hydrogen burns clean and cool, doesn’t overheat engines and only produces water for exhaust. From what research says, hydrogen can be separated from water with the existing charging system in any vehicle. A pump and pressure storage tank can be installed, similar to a propane tank, and then a carburetor for the hydrogen, similar to fuel injection.

People can keep whatever car they have and burn hydrogen instead. The technology exists and it must scare the hell out of those old oil boys. Do you think they might try to suppress this info; debunk it and kill it like the electric car?

Colin MacLock