Enough debate already about Wi-Fi in Greater Victoria schools

Expansion of valuable training tool in schools has stalled for two years

Re: Wi-Fi debate rages on (vicnews.com)

For more than two years, Greater Victoria School District trustees have been debating the safety of Wi-Fi.

That’s two years where a valuable learning tool has been kept out of classrooms because of the very strong lobbying efforts of a small group of people who believe Wi-Fi is unsafe.

It is two years of lost trustee time spent dealing with an issue that public health officials from the Vancouver Island Health Authority, B.C. Ministry of Health and Health Canada have consistently and unequivocally said does not pose an undue safety risk.

These are the organizations tasked with protecting the public’s health. They are the people our school district trustees should take advice from when it comes to the health and safety of our children – not a small special interest group.

Why this has been left to fester and linger in our community for two years as a health issue, when our health officials clearly say it is not, is frustrating.

As a parent, I don’t want to see my trustees spending any more time on this. They should lift the moratorium on Wi-Fi use in SD 61 schools so our kids can get the 21st century education they need.

Clint Lalonde