Esquimalt council should leave bylaw alone

Regarding the existence of Money Marts in Esquimalt.

Regarding the existence of Money Marts in Esquimalt.

I notice this council seems to have the opinion that it is business at any cost. Fill the vacant shops, let the market decide. Forget what is good for Esquimalt. This is not the first time businesses have been curtailed for the good of the township.

Should we now step back into history and in the eyes of our new ‘free market’ council and change the bylaws adopted by councils of yesteryears?

It was council (1994-95) and senior staff that came up with, and adopted, a bylaw that restricted certain businesses from going on the main street. They did it with no fanfare, no politics, without newspapers, television or radio reporting on it, and solved a problem that could have negatively affected the township.

I now wonder, is the current council going to revisit that bylaw, or plead they took an oath to protect themselves rather than Esquimalt.

Rod Lavergne