Fallen Victoria senior grateful for care

Good Samaritans help woman on a dark and cold evening

A word of thank you and kindness for a group of young citizens on Nov. 27.

I turned 91 the day before and was walking my small dog between 4:30 and 5 p.m. when it started to get quite dark and cold. No one seemed to be around.

As I was walking on Oakland Avenue towards Doncaster Drive, I fell face down on the cold pavement. I tried to get up but my body would not move for some reason.

‘Oh my,’ I thought, ‘no one knows I am here, I will freeze.’ And suddenly I saw a car turn onto Oakland from Doncaster. Apparently they saw me, and they stopped beside me before I could think. The lady asked me a few questions and a gentleman said, ‘don’t move,’ as my forehead was bleeding rapidly.

These young people really took over the situation – they called for an ambulance, called my daughter (not home), gave me a coat to sit on so I would be off the cold cement. A second gentleman offered a blanket. Such TLC.

They stayed with me until the paramedics took over and transported me to Royal Jubilee Hospital. They dropped my dog off first at my home and were very kind all around. The only pain I felt was when they had to wash the dirt from my face.

I want all these people to know how thankful I am. It was quite an experience.

God bless them all.

Ruth Watson


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