Fetus’ rights trump mom’s

Yes, the fetus is a baby person even though it is too small to hold in our arms or ride in a pram. Anatomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, genetics all attest to this. As soon as conception takes place a new human DNA is started.

Personal perception of this new person is irrelevent. If a pregnancy is wanted, then this fetus is seen as a baby. If it is not wanted, then the fetus is seen as the “product of conception” to be removed and discarded like a tumour or garbage. Wrong! Personal perception does not change reality or truth.

The right of a woman over her own body? Absolutely! Up to the point of her pregnancy, then someone else’s rights are involved.

Our personal rights come to a screeching halt the moment they collide with someone else’s. You wonder about pro-lifers’ emotions and trauma? We feel great sorrow and compassion for post-abortion women who suffer debilitating grief and guilt for a long time. There are better choices that won’t destroy anyone’s life – mom’s or baby’s.

Cathie Bushey