Find better solutions, don’t create new problems

Urbanization of North Saanich would create unforeseen problems

Urbanization of North Saanich would create unforeseen problems. We do need space for farming, recreation and leisure. Before plastering the last green spots on the Peninsula we have to calculate the consequences. Should business, industry and developers dictate the future of North Saanich?

The Sandown issue was indefinitely delayed to do more research, why then should a dense development proposal — that is out of proportion — be rushed through, in spite of all the protest from residents? Council has to honour the voice of the community, not just listen to what industry and businesses want.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

• First fill in existing places available before adding new ones.

• Take more time to think this through and find a better solution for a problem — not create new ones.

• Involve people with expertise and knowledge in urban growth.

• Make a serious market analysis and stick to slow growth as agreed in the OCP. Rapid urbanization comes with a price nobody is willing to pay. So far North Saanich has one of the lowest crime rates in B.C. — but for how long?

• Involve a number of residents to oversee the development, to make sure that affordable houses become

a) affordable and

b) end up in the right hands

• If you can’t build affordable houses, do some research about land trust.

• Let’s make a compromise: first build 10 houses and see what happens, before starting big.

• Countryside is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. Many people flee the hectic city life to live in a rural environment. Now the city follows them even into the last resorts.

• Educate yourself and see that more development does not bring in more money but would cost more — contrary to what we heard repeatedly from developers.

Council is entrusted with the stewardship of land to ensure that it is not compromising future generations.

Hildegard Horie

North Saanich